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Webdesign Tools & Apps

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App for 99$. Specifically for designing interfaces, websites, icons.


Free. By Google. Build Prototypes, share them with colleagues. „Pixate generates 100% native prototypes, so you can experience your ideas on device as if they’re completely real.“

Project Adobe Comet

Will be released early 2016. Sounds like a godsend *-*!
"Web- and app-building tool with WYSIWYG capabilities for wireframing, interface design and prototyping."

Adobe Apps: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

Each of them has different advantages and disadvantages, none of them is natively designed for webdesign.


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Article: Colors in webdesign.

Trendy Web Color Palettes and Material Design Color Schemes & Tools

Adobe Color CC

A classic tool to create color schemes with the color wheel or browse thousands of color combinations from the Kuler community.


Create good color schemes, quick and easy!

RGB values to HEX Codes

Convert any RGB value to HEX Code.


Very interesting tool! Helps select monochromatic colors, triadic colors, analogous colors, or shades.


Generate color combinations in a simple way, share palettes, export them to different formats like SVG, PDF, or SCSS.


Share Your Color Ideas & Inspiration in this color-loving-community (not limited to screendesign)!


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Font pairings, good webdesign, innovative sites and concepts.

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

THE typographer's bible translated to the web. Opensource! Sigh!

Google Webfonts

Free webfont provider. Wide range of quality, from very good to very poor.

Beautiful Webtype with Google Webfonts

A showcase of the best typefaces from the Google web fonts directory.

20 Best free Webfonts

According to awwwards.com

10 essential free fonts for Webdesigners

According to webdesignerdepot.com

Font Squirrel

Free Webfonts, wide range of quality. Webfont Generator (semi-legal!)

Adobe Typekit

High Quality Desktop and Webfonts, good selection. Subscription needed, included in Adobe CC subscription.

The league of moveable Type

Free and open source webfonts, good qualtiy, some Indie-Fonts.


Real life type testing directly in the browser, supports major font providers like myfonts.com, Google Webfonts, Adobe Typekit, …

Free Photopgraphy & Vector Ressources

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Article: How to use photography in Webdesign

Good introduction to the do's & dont's in photography in webdesign. (stock-photography, photography as content, contrast, relevance, quality, …).


Free hi-res photos. 10 new photos every 10 days. No categories, searchfield available.


Free quirky photos, Searchfields and Categories


Sophisticated, hi-res photos, mostly nature and architecture.

Vintage Stock Photos

Free vintage Photos from public archives.


Marketplace for Instagram pics.

Foodies Feed

Free Food Pics.


Good and wide collection of free stock photos.


Good and wide collection of free stock photos.


Good and wide collection of free stock photos.


Good and wide collection of free stockphotos, videos and vectorgraphics.


Good and wide collection of free stockphotos, PSDs and vectorgraphics.

Graphics: Icons & Patterns

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Classic free icon font with more than 490 glyphs.


Linear free icon font with 170 glyphs.


A curated collection of free web design resources, all for commercial use. Icons, Website-templates, …

Subtle Patterns

Subtle, tileable patterns for backgrounds.


Pictures of all sorts of materials: Wood, textiles, murals, fur, … everything!

Learn to Code

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Don't fear the internet

Fun video course, teaching you basic HTML/CSS and internet basics in 8 entertaining videos. Pics of hamburgers included!

Video-Tutorial: 30 Days to learn HTML & CSS with Jeffrey Way

"Give me around ten minutes every day, and I’ll teach you the essentials of HTML and CSS." — Easy to follow, hands-on, in-depth learning, producted by the internet's favourite Erklärbär.


Learn to code interactively, for free. Very supportive and easy!


Learn Web Design, Coding & Much More. 14-day free trial.

Dash by General Assembly

Dash teaches HTML, CSS, and Javascript through fun projects you can do in your browser.

Usefull little helpers

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Stylify me provides us with the fundamentals of the style guide of a site including colors, fonts, sizing, and spacing.

Lorem Pixel

Generates placeholder images for any pixelsize.

Bit Balloon

Simply drag and drop your very first HTML-folder-website to this site, and its hosted online!

Good UI - Good User Interface

How to improve your site's User Interface, explained with simple examples.

Inspiration: Code & Design

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Tons of very good interface design inspiration! Materialup for Android, iosup for Apple and siteup for webdesign.

Tympanus Codrops

Web design and development blog, that publishes articles and tutorials about the latest web trends. Awesome demos!!!

CSS Zen Garden. The Beauty of CSS.

Classic! This website will show beginners the mighty magic of CSS!


The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet. Features top webdesign!

CSS Design Awards

Premium website awards, endless inspiration and curated resources for web designers & developers.

Webdesign News, Blogs & Articles

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Smashing Magazine

THE Ressource for Coding, (Web)Design, UXDesign, Graphics and everything screen-related. They also publish nice books regularly.


Articles, Freebies and News.

Web Development Reading List

A handcrafted, carefully selected list of web development related resources. Curated and published usually every week.

Article: Web! What is it good for? By Jeremy Keith.

Why is this thing called Internet so great?

Article: Webdesign is 95% Typography.

Nuff said.

The first website in the world.

A piece of internet history, the very first website in the world, by Tim Bernes-Lee.

DIY Website Builders

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XPRS DIY Website Builder

No Coding, super-simple & fully responsive. Also with integral eCommerce and blogging.


Also very nice. Hosting also offered.

The Grid

Has not launched yet. To be watched. Say they will use AI to build your Website. Aha.

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